"At REC, we are focused on the details while providing superior customer service and guarantee NO conflicts of interest."

GREATER attention to detail.

PROTECTING your best interests.

SERVING only buyers & tenants.

About Us

Real Estate Consultants of Colorado, LLC provides buyer and tenant representative services to businesses and real estate investment firms. Unlike most commercial brokerages, REC never represents sellers or landlords. The result is a cleaner approach to commercial real estate acquisitions, void of any conflicts of interest. When you engage REC, you can rest assured that our goal is to find the real estate you want to purchase or lease and to negotiate the best terms possible on your behalf. We are completely dedicated to serving your needs and our advice and expertise are always unbiased.

REC boasts an impressive brokerage staff unrivaled in education, experience, and attention to detail. Through our diverse backgrounds in law, business, and real estate, we strategize with you to use real estate as a tool to achieve your business objectives. We are here to ensure your best interests are being protected throughout the acquisition process.

We invite you to try us out and see why REC is Colorado’s premier buyer and tenant representation firm.  

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Running your successful business leaves you with little free time. Let REC take care of your real estate needs. Whether you are launching a new venture, out-growing your existing facility, or need to add another location, we will conduct the search based on your requirements, organize personal tours of the properties you like, negotiate superior lease or purchase terms that meet or exceed your expectations and assist you with the transition into your new facility.
The best part? We never charge you for our services!

“The REC brokerage team is unrivaled in experience, education and attention to detail. Through our diverse backgrounds in law, business, and real estate, we strategize with you to use real estate as a tool to achieve your business objectives.”


Whether you have previously negotiated a lease renewal option or not, your landlord’s goal will usually be to maximize his profits at your detriment. Even if you intend to stay in your current facility, REC can oftentimes help leverage your position during lease renewal by expertly bringing market information and forces to bear on the transaction – again, at no cost to you.


Favorable financing conditions exist that make owner occupied commercial real estate quite attractive but does leasing real estate allow you to achieve more important corporate goals? We want to make sure you are doing what is best for your business, whether that means buying or leasing your next facility.  Let us help you decide whether buying or leasing is a better fit for your business.


Whether working with national developers or investment organizations, regional boutique operations, individual real estate investors or family offices with an interest in commercial real estate investments, REC can custom-tailor the search for your next acquisition to your exact requirements. We actively participate in our clients’ acquisition campaigns in a wide variety of contexts ►►►

  • Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges
  • Absolute NNN Income Generating Properties
  • Site Identifications with Calculated Future Redevelopment Potential 
  • Value-Add & Distressed Properties 
  • Off-Market Opportunities 
  • Bank REO
  • Greenfield Developments
  • Development Services Consulting

Unlike our competition, we have no inventory to promote. We strive to understand your exact requirements and only present opportunities to you that meet these criteria. We understand your frustration as an investor with being bombarded with properties that do not meet your criteria. Our objective is to create an environment that fosters trust where we can assist you with your investment acquisitions for decades to come.

“REC's approach to commercial real estate transactions helps you avoid expensive mistakes. Whether we conduct the due diligence internally or connect you with a trusted adviser, our goal is make sure your company is adequately protected during each step of the transition to your new facility.”


Formal property appraisals are expensive and can take weeks to complete. Broker Opinions of Value are a faster alternative that can satisfy your company’s accounting, financing, and planning needs and REC can provide them at a fraction of the cost.


Your business has taken off and you now need a regional or national presence. Whether your company is a franchise, corporate chain, or professional services organization that needs offices around the country, REC can be your real estate department. We work with companies on a national level to find the real estate they need in new markets and negotiate lease and purchases on their behalf, from coast to coast.
Instead of finding a new broker in each market where your company needs a new facility, we will personally meet you in the city where your company is growing. Knowing your company’s real estate needs and duplicating that model in new cities will streamline your expansion efforts and save time and resources that would otherwise be needed to manage different brokers around the country who do not yet know your concept and corresponding needs.


Before, during and after lease and purchase contract negotiation, every transaction needs someone who makes sure the project is carried out to plan. Can your business afford the rent? Does the property’s zoning designation permit your use? Is the water tap large enough to accommodate your needs? Does the cost of construction fit within your budget? These are just a few examples of issues we make sure are as they should be before you commit to purchase or lease your next commercial facility. Taking the time to conduct important due diligence investigations will save you time and money in the long run and often help your business avoid expensive mistakes. Unless you specifically don’t want us to participate, REC will assist you in these areas by trusted referral to make sure the transition to your new facility is as smooth as possible.

“Unlike most commercial brokerages, REC never represents sellers or landlords. When you engage REC, you can rest assured that our goal is to find the real estate you want to purchase or lease and negotiate the best terms possible on your behalf.”

FINANCE: Which lending options are the best fit for your business?

LEGAL: Is the framework of your acquisition set up to offer you the maximum protection and benefit?

ARCHITECTURE & INTERIOR DESIGN: Can your project be done – and under budget?

ENTITLEMENT: Will local government allow your project to happen?

CONSTRUCTION: Is the project being built on schedule and per your specifications?

MOVING LOGISTICS: Is your equipment arriving at your new facility at the right time and in good condition?

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: Once you have moved into your new facility, make sure your investment is maintained – without overpaying.

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